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Use Cases

Apart from using trace just as a social media app between friends, there are tons of ways to expand and use the available features

Location based communities

A group of Appalachian trail hikers created a group on Trace to communicate with each other while they hike. Leave a Trace allows them to leave videos, photos, and fun ideas that are only visible to those who are actually at the location. This ensures that only true hikers can interact with each other and learn from each other’s experiences, making their journey more enjoyable and safer.



Travel Influencers have been using Trace to create adventures and location-based content for their followers. Instead of being able to see all of someones content at once, followers can only see specific content when they are in certain locations. This way, followers have to go through the journey with them in order to access all of their content. For example, followers can only get access to the directions to the secret beach path once they drive near the turnoff on the road. 

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Music Festivals

We have partnered with musicians on tour to create unique and memorable experiences for their fans. Imagine this: you arrive at the airport or the venue and get a notification from the artist welcoming you to the show. Before the show, you get a notification that directs you to a merch drop happening 2 hours before the concert. You go to the specified location and are met by other dedicated fans and by the artist handing out free hoodies and meeting his fans. Through our platform, fans can receive surprise notifications from the artist. With Trace, its not just a concert, its a whole experience

Scavenger Hunts

Leave a Trace is the perfect solution to making your scavenger hunts hassle-free and fun. We have taken the hassle out of the process by making it easy for you to create and share your hunts. You simply snap a photo or a video as a clue, select the radius, and then send it to whoever is searching. Onto the next clue! Leave a Trace makes it super easy for you to create a digital scavenger hunt that will leave a lasting impression and a memorable experience for everyone.


You go to a party and leave tons of fun traces for your friends. Only friends that were physically with you can interact with the traces you left. It essentially creates location-exclusive chats that incentivize being out in the world instead of stuck at home.

Food Recommendations

Only once you physically enter a new restaurant, can you see videos your friends took of the food, recommendations they have, and experiences they had there. Instead of staying at home and browsing the internet for recommendations, you get recommendations and ideas as you explore new places

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